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Touchstone Course

​​​​​​​Build a stable, sustainable foundation for your creative life, and the confidence to make the art you're here to make, so you can share it with the world, your way.

Here's what's included:

Week One - Laying your Foundations

Lesson 1 | Start where you are
Lesson 2 | Creating your Manual of Self
Lesson 3 | Art project invitation
Lesson 4 | How to choose your next project
Lesson 5 | Play time

Week Two - Inside your artist's life

Lesson 1 | Redefining discipline
Lesson 2 | The cost of your creativity
Lesson 3 | Purpose and meaning
Lesson 4 | Your creative space
Lesson 5 | Your creative process

Week Three - Demons and superpowers

Lesson 1 | The Demons: part one
Lesson 2 | The Demons: part two
Lesson 3 | The ultimate antidote to everything!
Lesson 4 | The 3 Ps
Lesson 5 | Creative superpowers + how to use them

Week Four - An artist in the world

Lesson 1 | Finding your inspiration
Lesson 2 | Your creative team
Lesson 3 | Understanding flow
Lesson 4 | What to do with what you make 
Lesson 5 | The beginning

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